How To Avoid A Fall Out On Gifts This Season

It´s christmas time again... Be prepared

It´s christmas time again… Be prepared

Christmas is round the corner and the shopping frenzy has begun. More and more consumers are resorting to gadgets as this season’s gifts to appease the insatiable appetites of the younger children with the progressive technologies today. But undiscerning consumers may end up buying some gizmos that may not win them any favor with the recipients if care is not exercised in the best gadgets in town for this season.

Variety of choices in the market

There is no doubt that the market offers a plethora of choices on the latest gadgets that would be deemed a great gift for the season. However, there are really great gadgets to be wrapped as this season’s gifts that would thrill and delight the recipients but there are also gadgets that look great in appearance but not in performance.

Modern consumers need to be well versed with the market’s long list of seasonal gifts especially gadgets.

Effective marketing strategies

Choose the right gadgets as gift

Choose the right gadgets as gift

Many consumers may agree that it can be quite daunting to pick a gift for another person no matter how close the recipient may be. There is always the fear or worry of getting the wrong gift, a bad gift or the recipient already having a similar gift.

A cool looking gadget may look cool but it does not function as well as it looks despite the marketing hype and bargains offered. The right advertising campaign can put any tech gadget on a pedestal to be drooled over; even if it is a piece of scrap metal.

Poor seasonal gifts

5 worst performing gadgets in the year 2013 should be avoided as this season’s gifts include:

1. Chromebooks

Certain Chromebooks look like an ideal gift for the young and trendy for just $300. But the Chromebooks operate on Chrome OS by Google with no Windows, Mac or Android apps; only web apps which may require plug-ins.

2. MS Surface 2 tablet

A lot of hype on this Microsoft tablet with a great screen and an innovative keyboard cover that comes with a neat flip-out stand. This gadget runs Windows RT instead of the normal Windows OS. Many features are incompatible for a whopping price of $449 without its $119 Touch Cover.

3. iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C costs only $99 with the old version specs. New features are to be included at extra costs including customer services. This cheap looking electronic gadget comes in a candy-colored plastic instead of the classy metal mainstream 5S models.

4. Kid’s tablets

Kids today enjoy having their own real tablet instead of the Fisher-Price kids’ models. A lot of kids’ tablets are besieged with serious performance issues as well as poor resolutions and limited apps to suit the different ages.

5. Wii U

The new Wii U costs $300 is mainly metal and plastic holding a poor performing touch screen controller displaying mediocre graphics with uninteresting games.


Give the perfect gift for everyone

Give the perfect gift for everyone

It may be tough on consumers to choose the right gift for their loved ones this season but checking out the gifts prior to purchase is a smart move to avoid a fall-out with the recipient.

Romantic Ideas To Say Sorry To Your Beau

A romantic dinner will do the job

A romantic dinner will do the job

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. No relationship is perfect. The sign of a healthy relationship is to not to have any ego when apologizing. When you have realized it is your mistake then it is best to apologize. However, if you are bored of saying the same old ‘I am sorry” line, then here are a few innovative ways of saying sorry to your beau romantically.

Take him/her out on a surprise date

Prepare a romantic meal to apologize with style

Prepare a romantic meal to apologize with style

This is not going to be a regular date. Just take help from your common friends to set up a surprise date for your beau and get creative in the date. You can take him/her to a mall where you have a large digital display that could say “I am Sorry” but do not forget to mention your name so that he/she knows it is form you. Take him/her to a karaoke pub for a date night and surprise him/her with an “I am sorry” song. If you are creative, then make your own song or else use some old meaningful song.

Hand written letters

You might be thinking, who writes hand written letters now? This is the exact reason you should write one for your beau. It shows the effort you have put into it. Write a poem or keep it simple just make sure that the letter expresses your emotions freely. Letters are a beautiful way of expressing your love and care.

Bake a cake

Say sorry with a cake.. if he/she likes this kind of things

Say sorry with a cake.. if he/she likes this kind of things

You do not know how to bake a cake? Just read up on the internet or the cookery books. Bake a tasty chocolate/fruit cake and cover it with a nice icing. Write, “I am Sorry” on it or something more and leave it on the table for your partner to see when he/she comes back from work. Even if it does not turn out to be tasty, there are a lot of romantic uses of a baked chocolate cake with icing.

Make a sumptuous breakfast

If you had a bad fight last night and want to do something quick before he/she gets up just go to the kitchen and make a sumptuous breakfast for your beau. You can use the sausage to denote “I” and cut the fried egg into heart shape to denote “Love” and use ketchup or mustard sauce to write “U”. If you are not so dexterous, do not worry. Just make a simple and tasty breakfast and leave a note saying ‘I am sorry”.

Make a movie

This is easier than you think. You do not have to do a masters course in filming for this. Download a few photos of you and your partner from facebook or other social media and make a movie using moviemaker or any software on your computer. It might be a little tough but just give it a little bit of time and what comes out is a beautiful way of saying “I am sorry”.

A personalized movie and romantic dinner at home

A personalized movie and romantic dinner at home

When thinking of a new ides of saying sorry to your boyfriend/girlfriend, always remember you are doing it for them and give your hundred percent. Any thing that you do with the right intentions will always give you the best results.

Beverages That Boosts Metabolism

Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water

Most of the many people who are on a diet are looking for ways on how they can speed up the loosing of their weight. Aside from the foods we eat, habits, and activities, the beverages can also affect the weight loss. There are beverages that help in the boosting of metabolism of the body. Thus, by choosing the right drink and avoiding those that are unhealthy can surely speed up the weight loss.
So, what are those beverages that are scientifically researched by professionals and experts? Here they are!

1. Apple Cider Vinegar. Such kind of vinegar is best to take for digestive system. There are lots of researches about apple cider vinegar and it shows that such vinegar can greatly affect the insulin on your blood. In order for this vinegar to be effective in the reduction of weight you should take this before eating meals. You can also add such vinegar to your salad and that will serve as a dressing. It helps in a faster breakdown of fats on your diet.

2. Green tea. Green tea offers great health benefits to human body. It helps in the reduction of cholesterol, prevents cancer and heart ailments.

Cayenne pepper and lemon

Cayenne pepper and lemon

3. Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne is not just a simple spicy food but this also helps increase your metabolism. This kind of pepper is very flavorsome and many people are using this to add taste on their cooking. Aside from that, it has also many uses and benefits especially about health. It helps fight inflammation, lowering the cholesterol level, and also helps in the increasing of body temperature that can be a big help on burning of fats.

4. Ginger. This type of food is also best to boost the metabolism. Aside from that fact, many people use ginger to cure spasm and inflammation. Ginger has pungent known as gingerol. You can also take ginger’s extract to serve as your supplement. You can buy ginger powder in the market or if you want to take it fresh, then grating ginger is also one great idea.

5. Grapefruit. If you are looking for the most natural method of boosting ones’ metabolism, then grapefruit is the answer to your question. It lowers the insulin level of your body which causes the body to keep food that serves as fats. The secret component of many metabolism boosters is the Vitamin C. Research shows that people who are including grapefruit on every meals really looses their weight in a matter of months. Thus, if you want to increase metabolism and lowers weight, then grapefruit is the best to include on your diet.

Natural beverages that help you

Natural beverages that help you

Nowadays, there are lots of diet plans that anyone could choose among from. However, aside from the diet plans, the right choice of beverages also plays a very important role on losing weight and increasing body metabolism. Hence, if you want to start cutting weight then you better start considering the beverages given here. After all, those five beverages here are all natural and won’t be causing you harm, so why not try?

4 Rules Of Building Wealth

Get rich and stay rich

Get rich and stay rich

There are many reasons why some people are so wealth while are others are not despite having the same level of skills. If you want to get rich, you have to get rid of the ‘get rich quick’ mentality. To build wealth, you have to patient and willing to work. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the traps that have robbed many people financial success. Here are 4 rules of building wealth:

1. Avoid debts as much as you can

Avoid getting into debts as much as you can. This is because debt is a bondage that enslaves the borrower. Stick within you budget and live within your means. Spend only the money that is yours so that you don’t end up working all year to repay borrowed money. Can you imagine living without owning someone any money? This is a possible dream if only you put your mind in it.

2. Find yourself a spouse that you are financially compatible with

The key to a successful and wealthy life

The key to a successful and wealthy life

The biggest obstacle for most people who want to build financial success usually begins at home. Marriage is one of the most important financial decisions that you will ever make. It is very difficult to succeed in life when the person that should be supporting you build your wealth is constantly frustrating your ambitions dreams and goals. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to have someone that is in the same boat with you. If you are struggling to build your wealth while she is busy spending huge sums of money, there is no way that you are going to build your wealth.

3. Start building your wealth early

There no such thing as the right time to start building wealth. If you want to succeed, you have to start as early as possible. Save and invest as soon as you start making money. Don’t wait for the ‘big’ money. Use what you have now to start building you wealth reserve. Before you know it, you will find that you have accumulated wealth sooner that you expected.

4. Have an elaborate plan

Make a financial plan

Make a financial plan

Without having a plan of how you are going to spend your money, you will always find yourself in the same position at the beginning of every years. However, when you have a plan of things that you want to accomplish in a given year and you work towards achieving them, you will always find yourself in a better position at the beginning of every year. Therefore make an elaborate plan and stick to it.

When you obey these rules of building wealth, you will definitely succeed in accumulating wealth as early as possible. Most people fail to build their wealth not because they don’t know these rules, but because they think it is so hard to follow them. Don’t be one of them.

Customer Engaging Online Marketing Strategies

Social media is the new business marketing arena

Social media is the new business marketing arena

Online marketing has opened a completely new range of tools to market brands for many marketers. The virtual world offers many low cost tools that are not only flexible but also can be easily targeted towards the right set of customers. While the basics of marketing remain the same on the online turf, there a few pointers one has to keep in mind while deciding on the online marketing plan for a brand.

1. Define your customers

Before you get lost in the wide variety of online tools for various marketing strategy, ensure you are very clear on what your target market is. Are your products and services targeted towards customers or businesses? Are you looking to garner a share of small and medium enterprises or the home office segment? Are your customers predominantly males or females? Apart from the gender mix, and age group, what are the psychographic qualities of your customers? What geographical regions are you looking for? Do not jump the gun without understanding your customer perceptions, wants and behaviour. This rule also applies to the brick and mortar model of business, but is easily overlooked by the online marketers due to the ease and variety of online marketing tools at their disposal.

2. Use participation forums to engage customers

Forums and blogs can make your presence stand out

Forums and blogs can make your presence stand out

Involve your customers in creating content. Do not make your web presence a static one. Make it dynamic and give space to your customers to voice themselves and participate in creating content on your portal. You would need to engage a moderator to ensure that the content is consistent with your overall communication objectives. You can also use contests and games to engage customer.

3. Combine offline and online strategy

Having a mere online presence may not help you achieve your brand objectives of awareness, reach, market penetration, market development, sales and loyalty. However, online marketing can compliment your overall brand strategy. Hence, it needs to be in conjunction with the offline or your brand strategy in the physical world. In addition, the communication including the tenor and import should be common in both the medium. The communication approach needs to be integrated to make the over all marketing plan more effective.

4. Support Community causes

Though online marketing has many advantages, the online presence of any brand lacks one thing that every customer wants i.e. a human touch. To add warmth to your online brand, and showcase the heart of your brand on your virtual store, you can support various community programs. For example, many women oriented brands support the breast awareness campaign. Several youth oriented brands support causes that are close the youth’s heart like prevention of cruelty to animals.

5. Encourage Loyalty programs

It is easy to get a customer to visit your e-store by building awareness. However, true customer engagement is about making the customer make repeat purchases. Measure the success of your customer engagement program based on the ratio between the FTU (First Time Users) and the repeat customers. Design loyalty programs that could be point based to encourage repeat sales.

6. Encourage referral Programs

The utmost measure of true customer engagement is when the customer starts actively referring your brand to his or her social circle. Ensure that your online portal provides a platform to make referrals and also reward customers for making referrals.

Ask for help from your customers

Ask for help from your customers

All these guidelines can help you develop and execute effective customer engagement strategies. However, the true test of any marketing plan is the effect it has on the bottom line in the long run. Since the cost of running the program is very low, calculating ROI or return on investment may not make sense. Hence, it is important to calculate the return on the time and effort put into the online marketing plan to measure its true success!